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Welcome to New World Karate


Getting Started is Easy...
with New World Karate’s unique introductory program. We offer a basic program that will introduce you to the Martial Arts, Kenpo Karate and the New World Karate program.

Affordable Pricing...
at New World Karate & Fitness. The whole family can participate for a reasonable price.We have several plans to choose from depending on your individual needs. No long term contracts to sign !!!


Kenpo Karate...
is the ultimate Martial Arts form for individuals interested in unarmed self-defense.

Private Lessons...
allows students to move at their own pace and to concentrate on what they want to learn.

Group Classes...
are used for conditioning and repetition of basic movements. This is a necessary part of Martial Arts training, but because all instruction is given in the private lessons, the group classes are much more effective for everyone.