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Jerry Roberts

At the age of seven Jerry suffered from a bone disease that almost cost him his leg. He spent a year and a half in the hospital, another year and a half in a wheelchair, and another year in a walking cast and crutches on his entire right leg. He realized at an early age the value of good health that most people take lightly. He played 4 sports in High School earning eleven varsity letters and was all state in football and basketball. He also went on to play basketball in college and continued to hone his physical and mental tools. He started his karate career in 1980 with the same relentless intensity and desires as all his physical endeavors. Jerry says " I remember sitting in the hospital every day looking out the window watching the kids play, hoping ,praying someday to join them. Health and fitness are things we need to cherish, not take for granted." He concluded .Jerry has had tremendous success in his 35 years of martial arts traning. He feels however, the success of his students, espcially his two sons are his greatest achievement.

                                                   Career Achievements

2 Time National Blackbelt League Fighting World Champion

4 Time Arnold Schwarzeneger Classic Fighting World Champion

North American Sport Karate Fighting Champion

5 Time PKC National Fighting Champion

4 USA PKC Team Member

2 Time WKC USA Team Member

Over 500 1st place awards

Inducted into 4 different Hall Of Fame Awards